We are a young dynamic company, we produce pure 100% Graviola juice in East Asian region by local manufacturers. Our warehouse is based in Georgia for an easy access to Europe, CIS countries, middle east, USA, etc.
Our Graviola juice is free of sugar, free of preservatives, free of any artificial flavor and any additives! GMO free! HALAL! (Pls see our juice Health certificate)
Our Graviola juice is a low budget because no second or third part involved! We buy it by local farmers, produce and import.
Why in East Asian region? Because it is located in a tropical environment with the initial advantage of easy access to tropical fruit. Here labor and product is much cheaper than Graviola in other parts of the world.
We guarantee our Graviola juice quality with much less price than you are used to. You can compare our prices with prices Graviola is sold worldwide: if their retail price starts from € 10.00 bottle 500 ml, our wholesale bulk price is too good to be true, just ask 🙂



Contact anonaGD@yahoo.com for wholesale, we can provide OEM as well